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Individuality is timeless.

Our product range is characterized by a large number of decorated window and door solutions.

Color Profile

Wide range of colors profile system gives you more room for imagination.

Technology lamination profile systems comprises applying a film on white profile and color — caramel or chocolate color.

Laminating film is resistant to damage by everyday use as well as outside elements, making it safe and durable.

A variety of colors are ideal for any style of windows or doors.

Silver Metallic

Is a unique color for decoration in the style of High Tech, loft and minimalism.

Oak Sheffield

Another name for it is bleached oak. Today it is a modern trend in the colors of lamination. Perfect color for interior decoration in the loft, Provence, Art Deco.


The second most popular color lamination in Europe. It is surprising that it mimics the texture of the film lamination coating powder paint. For rooms in a modern loft-style, Art Deco.

Natural Oak

The perfect complement to traditional oak color palette in bright colors, suited to the style of Provence, Ukrainian or American country.

Golden Oak

Traditional color that is suitable to any style of contemporary, classical, ethnic, modern, and the like.


Considered a classic color that complements virtually any style, especially classical, ethnic, minimalist loft.

Dark Cherry

The color that is well suited to classical styles in the traditional version.

Oak Montana

Contrasting color that emphasizes play of light and shadow.

White White Cream Red Wine Light Red Emerald Green Dark Green Signal Gray Basalt Gray Light Gray Black-Brown
Dark Red Brilliant Blue Steel Blue Moss Green Anthracite Gray Agate Gray Quartz Cray Gray Chestnut Brown Chocolate Brown

Decorative glazing

To meet the needs of customers, Vikonda has developed a record number of solutions. Imagine that double-glazed windows can have more than 600 options.

Glazing can be done in a variety of ways such as sandblasting, muntin bars, UV printing, architectural films, and textured glass.


You can choose absolutely any image for the application. We have developed a collection of angular elements and borders in different styles. Keep in mind that our windows still come with all the basic functions of windows energy efficiency, solar control, safety, air and water tightness.

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Muntin bars

Muntin bars add elegance to any glazing. We match the original connectors and frame profiles in the color of windows and doors.

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UV printing

This technology can print any pattern, image, photo or graphics on the glass. The ink used in printing does not fade or lose color saturation therefore withstand outside exposure ensuring without losing its aesthetic appeal. This type of decoration can be used for glazing commercial and residential facilities. It is very popular among such as businesses as restaurants, cafes, pastry shops, car dealerships, churches, as well as children’s rooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. You can choose the design for the application

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Architectural films

Different shades of architectural films in insulating glass units complement architectural ideas. They do not protect from the sun as effectively as solar glass. They also have a low light transmission which can cause distorting of colors. Therefore, they are used exclusively in order to maintain the decorative design idea.

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Textured glass

Textures glass provides many opportunities to create a style.

It can be used in areas where there is a need for privacy and can create a special atmosphere. Textured glass is a perfect fit in the door leaf.

Delta White Delta Bronze Satin
Shinshu Tinted, color – «silver» Krizet

Our product range is characterized by the presence of branded goods. We offer branded profile systems and double glazing.

Vikonda’s goal is to develop a reliable thermal insulation glazing that meets the needs of energy savings. Vikonda has developed there types of reliable thermal insulation glazing that meet the energy saving needs: tech, euro and plus.

Vikonda takes pride in providing functionality, style, and design