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Entrance Doors are the Business Cards of your Building Structure.

Whether the door entrance is to your office building, shop or vacation home it should be practical, durable, and reliable, without compromising your individual style and ability to attract attention.

We offer metal and plastic composite entrance doors with the following systems Vikonda Classic, Vikonda Thermo, and Inoutic Arcade.

Technical Specifications:

Increased Durability

Your doors will be resistant to deformation and will not change shape due to additional reinforcements of lock area – 3mm, and sash opening -2mm. The test results of “Simonswerk” German Company show that your door will easily withstand 300,000 cycles of opening and closing.


The doors are used daily and it is our job to ensure that only quality door accessories from leading manufacturers are being used in constructing of the doors. Quality doors will make the process of opening-closing as comfortable as possible.

Increased Levels of Security

Locking elements from the company Winkhaus will significantly increase the level of security for entrance doors.

Dual protection

Additional element — the heat insulating weather stripping, located in the threshold allows twice as much protection from cold drafts and serves as a dust block.

Design and Style

Vikonda TM Doors solve the decorative problems as well. Doors that look like they are made of real wood add to the overall beauty of the structure as well as its surroundings. A stained glass decoration adds to the overall style of the room.

At the door leaf you can set: sandwich panels, decorative windows, tinted windows, energy efficient double glazing and more.

Various accommodation options for imposts create a unique style and sophistication.