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Turn and Tilt Windows

Windows with swing-out type of opening, known as casement windows, are very popular because of the ease of use, reliability, and practicality.

Our windows come as single, double or triple-glazed, with the maximum sash size of 1000 mm (~39.3in) in width and 2400 mm (~94.4 in) in height.

Casement windows blend well with fixed windows allowing you to choose the desired configuration of windows for any room and architectural design.

Reliable locking mechanisms ensure a tight sealing, as well as the basic level of security.

Our windows allow for maximum airflow.

Additional elements of accessories extend the functionality of swing-out window: reinforced sash, micro rotation, child lock, etc.

Other Types of Windows

Vikonda offers other types of windows as well, including windows made of metal and plastic composite.



Sliding/Lift and Slide