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Passive House
Passive House, Energy-Efficient or Eco-House is a modern response to depletion of natural resources and the cost of utility bills. In the non-energy efficient houses heat loss occurs through poorly insulated walls, roofs, windows, and doors. A Passive House is constructed to retain heat inside in the winter and keep it out in the summer. The way a passive house operates is through maximum reduction in heat exchange with the environment. Energy efficient house should minimally dependent on foreign sources of energy and use its own energy — the energy of the sun and the people who live in it. The special structure of a passive house allows a person to be closer to nature and the earth.  
  • The first things to consider when designing a passive house are its location and surroundings. Exact calculations of natural energy is the first step.
  • Glazing should be based on the selection of advanced types of energy-efficient glass, insulating glass with high thermal conductivity, multi-core systems, and strategic placement of windows.
  • Glass area should be optimal with respect to the necessary level of natural lighting and insulation.
  • Terraces, loggias, balconies should be designed promote the flow of light, as well as provide additional protection from cooling the building in winter and overheating in summer.
  • The types of windows and installation of additional air ventilation should be well thought out.
  • Installation of solar panels as well as special blinds to protect from direct sunlight also play a big part in energy efficiency.


Glazing plays a big role in the construction of a passive house, because windows and doors should provide the best possible natural lighting. In this case, the windows must withstand wind and other mechanical stresses to be energy efficient. A special coating on the glass allows you to monitor the degree of lighting by dimming the amount of incoming solar heat or reflecting it. Glazing technologies offer different engineering solutions, including automated integration with electrical components. Multi-functional glass complete with warm profile systems are able to provide the proper distribution of energy.

Vikonda Windows for Passive Houses

We offer European turn and tilt window of 6-chamber profile system «VIKONDA Cottage» with a mounting width of 82 mm and a measure of the heat transfer at the level of _____ This profile system in comparison with classical triple pane system is 2.5 times more efficient. The system set enhanced reinforcement of galvanized steel of 1.5 mm, provides additional mechanical strength and safety of the finished box. A three-loop sealing profiled rolled-in system ensures tight clamping flaps, and thus making them airtight and waterproof.

In 44 mm double pane window there are two sheets of the i-glasses and two chambers filled with argon. In the series of “euro glazed” there high rates of heat saving and sun protection. Special glass glazing CLIMA tech euro has multi-functional coating to ensure energy efficiency and solar control.  

You can choose the most suitable glazing depending on the sun exposure of your passive house:
  • CLIMA tech euro 2 in 1 function
  • TERMO tech euro with the the maximal heat function
  • MULTI tech euro 3 in 1 with additional sound insulation
  • SAFE tech euro with additional security features
Type of Glazing Formula Btu/h-t2-°F Light Transmission, % Sun Factor, % Soundproofing, dB
TERMO tech euro 4i-16Ar-4-16Ar-4i 0.105 73.4 60.2 34
CLIMA tech euro 4StR Neo-16Ar-4-16Ar-4i 0.102 56 38 34
SAFE tech euro 3.3.1i-14Ar-4-16Ar-4i 0.105 73.1 59.8 36
MULTI tech euro 4SS-s-14Ar-3.3.1i 0.107 54 45 36
A passive house should as functional as it is beautiful. Laminated doors and windows make the exterior look rich and elegant. You can choose from different colors depending on your choice of style: loft, high-tech, modern, ethnic, classical, country, Provence..

In addition to the colors you can choose almost any shape and form
Installing bug nets on windows and doors of passive houses reduces the need to use chemicals to combat mosquitoes, wasps, and flies. Windows sills and low tides in various colors are great additions to any window. They are resistant to environmental influences and damages from every day use.

VIKONDA windows are ideal for glazing of passive houses as they optimally combine the power-saving function, sun protection, comfort, and style.