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About the Company

After 10 years of window and door manufacturing, Vikonda is one of the leading producers of metal and plastic composite and PVC contraction windows and doors in Ukraine as well as other European countries with over 180 franchisees.. Over the years, Vikonda has made great technological and manufacturing advances. Our team is working every day to promote high-tech solutions that meet all the demands of the times. We produce energy-efficient European turn and tilt windows with high energy efficiency, solar protection, sound insulation, as well as waterproof and airtight. Our products are regularly tested by independent national and international laboratories. We have extensive experience in the production of PVC structures of different shapes and configurations. Our company’s mission includes stable growth in local and international markets while providing high quality products at affordable rates. We already have experience in working with foreign suppliers as well as customers. We work with more than 1,000 dealers and franchisees in Ukraine and abroad and would like to continue to grow in the global market. We use only brand name accessories so we can safely declare reliable quality of our products. Many orders that we receive are based on repeat customers and/or customer recommendation. We have high rate of satisfaction with more than 90% of customers (end-users) of 28,000 respondents being willing to recommend Vikonda.


Although our production capabilities allow us to quickly produce parts of virtually any size and shape, with any type of opening, according to our data, namely the European window turn and tilt type of opening or casement windows are in great demand in Europe as well as US market. Vikonda has an estimated 1,500 designs per day production capacity. Vikonda products are made on automatic and semi-automatic equipment from the world’s leading companies such as Fimtec and Schturtz. This helps reduce the impact of human error and introduce modern methods of production. Special machines for bending of profiles allow to design and manufacture doors and windows of any shape: round, arched, trapezoid, with different types of impost. Here’s a video of our production process.

Quality control

The modern multi-level quality management system allows to keep the quality at high levels. Factory quality control components include: verification of conformity of products and processes that affect the quality, the technical requirements inspection of products, and sometimes its individual elements after completion of manufacturing operations. Additional inspections include inspection of the the finished product, compliance with the conditions of storage components in the warehouses, and control of packaging finished products.


Our products are Ukrainian government certified, as well as confirmed by the results of tests conducted by the Institute for Window Technology in Germany iftRosenheim. Vikonda is in the process of obtaining US National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) Certification.