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Architects and Designers

If you are looking for a better solution to glazing options, our European casement windows might be what you need. Vikonda windows have gained the trust of millions around the world. Our windows meet the high standards in energy efficiency, sun blocking, and safety; therefore, are suitable for cold and hot climates. A wide range of configurations and colors offers incredible style and design possibilities. Our windows are ideal for any energy/cost efficient houses.

Contractors and Distributors

When you choose Vikonda windows, you are choosing a high quality product that is known for durability, functionality, air and water tightness, and sun and energy efficiency. The quality of our windows is backed by ift Rosenheim, the German Institute for Windows

European Style windows can be added to any structure and can improve operational capabilities by providing increased reinforcement. Best part, we are easy to work with and offer competitive pricing.


European type windows are gaining high popularity throughout the world. Replacing windows can significantly increase energy efficiency making your home more comfortable in any climate as well as increasing its resale value.

For instance, If you live in areas where you need extra protection from the sun, Vikonda offers windows with the highest rates of U-factor and sun protection. In addition to being highly functional, our windows offer a wide range of colors, decorative glass, and hardware – the possibilities are limitless!